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Healy/Wilcox is a consultancy
that uses research to help businesses think strategically
and act creatively.







When you need high-touch encounters with the people you are trying to reach.

When you need a fresh perspective and a promising idea.

When you need the numbers.

When the help you need lies beyond market research.

When you require services that have helped build some of the world's most compelling brands. 

When you need help getting your ideas seen and understood.



    We have a long history of helping some of the world’s most powerful brands succeed 

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    We work with many non-profits, associations, and government agencies 

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    We've been in this business a long time and have a lot of clients. An exhaustive list is just that: exhausting.  But if you must…


    Client List

    About Section


    What makes us unique

    We are a small shop and like it that way.


    We only take on clients we believe in and projects we care about.  


    Projects are handled by partners only, unlike at most firms. There is no handing off of a client’s study to junior associates.  This ensures that the project is managed, executed, and analyzed by a seasoned research professional who gets immersed in the client's strategic issues.


    We get to be choosey.  Because we are a small shop, when we put together a team or need additional areas of expertise, we are not wedded to inter-agency alliances.  We choose the best people for the job, no matter what their company affiliation.


    We don’t operate in a research vacuum.  Because we have been on the service, agency, consultancy, and the client sides of business, we understand our clients’ research needs from a business perspective and work closely clients to create realistic solutions.

    Our people

    Our partners

    Our places

    Through our years of experience, we have developed working relationships with an excellent network of seasoned professionals, both in the United States and abroad. 


    We call our colleagues when we need a team approach or that something extra to make our client’s project wildly successful.

    We have conducted research in over 30 countries.

    Click here for a list of countries where we have worked




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